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User Manuals

CategoryUser Manuals
Portal interfaceBasics
ProjectsCreating a project
Deleting a project
Duplicating a project
Moving a project
FormsFilling out a form
Navigating a form
Running a completeness check
Check the status of a form
Print a form
Create a sub form
Delete a sub form
DocumentsHow to upload a document
Viewing submitted documents
SharingSharing a form
Editing permissions
SignaturesSigning a form
Signature requests
Tracking signature requests
NotificationsViewing notifications
CommentsAdding a Comment
Deleting a Comment
Viewing Comments
CorrespondenceSending Correspondence
Viewing Correspondence
ContactsAdding a Contact
Deleting a Contact
Viewing a contact’s information
Editing a contact’s information
TransfersTransferring a project
Accepting a transfer
Rejecting a transfer
Tracking transfers
FoldersCreating a Folder
Deleting a Folder
Renaming a Folder
UserChanging your password
Changing your personal details
Setting your status to unavailable